BL insurance brokerage has a number of options for your retirement needs. Whether you are just starting out, are ready to retire or somewhere in between, we have options. Let us show you how to protect your principal and guarantee yourself an income stream that you will never outlive. Click Here for more insight to annuities.


Already have a 401k, IRA, mutual fund or CD? Let’s compare to see how a rollover to one of our dozens of competitive companies may enhance your position.  Take advantage of higher guaranteed rates while avoiding the uncertainties of market fluctuations.  Fill out the quick “Investment goal Questionnaire” and let us get started exploring your options for a more secure retirement.


A properly structured annuity can be a lifesaving choice.  Safety, liquidity, lifetime income and estate planning are only some of the reasons to consider integrating these amazing product into your portfolio.  See why so many made the decision to own annuities! 

10 Good Reasons to Buy A Fixed Annuity!

 1) Safety=No stock market fluctuations + Principal and interest guarantees.
 2) Tax Deferral= Interest earned is tax deferred + No 1099's (if no withdrawals are taken).
 3) Yield= Attractive yields, tax deferral and many contain other interest rate enhancement                      options.
 4)  Liquidity= Surrender free withdrawal features, where most contracts offer 10% penalty free                                     withdrawals.
 5) Estate Planning= Proceeds of a fixed annuity are paid to the named beneficiary
may avoid the cost, delay and expenses of probate. 
 6) No Sales Charge= 100% of  your premium earns interest from day one. 
 7) Flexibility & Control= Between contribution and payout options.
 8) Diversification= Fixed annuties can play an important role in a well-diversified portfolio. 
 9) Multiple Guarantees= 100% premium guarantee from the issuing insurance company 
+ Minium interest rate guarantee + Guaranteed lifetime income options.
10) One of a Kind.. what other accumulation vechiles can provide the 9 great
reasons listed here?
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